4 Major Benefits of Roof Repairs and Maintenance

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Roofing

Most people know how storms and heat can damage a home’s roof. When such damage occurs, the homeowner’s first step is to call a professional for Roof Repairs. An expert can perform an in-depth evaluation to determine the extent of the damage to the roof. In this short guide, area homeowners can learn several benefits of regular roof maintenance.

It Extends the Life of the Roof

One of the biggest benefits of roof maintenance is that it can increase the structure’s lifespan. Roof maintenance entails the repairing, cleaning, and sealing of a roof, and it ensures the roof is protected from future wear. While most residential roofs last about 20 years, roofing maintenance can add a few more years to the roof’s lifespan at a small percentage of the cost of a full replacement.

It Saves Money

Roof maintenance is cheaper than a full replacement, which is why many homeowners choose it. Because Roof Repairs don’t require the removal of the current roof, a property owner can save substantially on labor. Proper maintenance can help a homeowner save up to 70% compared to the cost of a full replacement.

It Prevents Leaks

If the roof isn’t sealed or is weak, moisture can find its way into the home. An untreated leak can cause mold growth, rotted framing and sheathing, and other expensive damage. With maintenance, a roofing professional can diagnose problems and repair areas that may cause leaks.

It’s Sustainable

Along with the economic benefits of roof maintenance, there are environmental advantages to consider. Tons of roofing waste ends up in the landfill each year, but with roofing maintenance, the crew can repair the roof rather than replace it, keeping all that waste out of landfills.

Call a Roofing Specialist

Whether a homeowner needs roof maintenance, repair, or a full replacement, is there to help. Call the pros today to discuss repair needs and find out what they can do to get the roof back into shape. With a quick phone call, homeowners can find out just how easy it is to maintain a roof and extend its lifespan.