A Renovation Company in Naples FL – EBL Interiors Offers Tips to Create Mock Antique Furniture

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Home Improvement

In the past, if furniture looked extremely distressed, it indicated that it had been used, loved and appreciated by generations. This was not exactly an appealing trend. However, today, the distressed look has emerged as being desirable and many believe it adds to the character of their decor and home. The techniques used are actually quite simple. In fact, the pros from Renovation Company in Naples FL. EBL Interiors offers a number of tips to help easily achieve this distressed, antique look.

Distress with Vinegar

If a homeowner desires a beat up, rustic look for their furniture, an easy way to achieve this is with vinegar. The first step is to dust the piece with a clean, damp cloth and then paint it with the preferred color. It may be necessary to use a few coats based on the quality of the paint and how dark the furniture is. When the paint is completely dry, pour vinegar (either distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar) into a spray bottle and spray it on the piece. Remove some of the paint by wiping down the piece with a clean cloth when the vinegar is applied.

Distress Using Vaseline

One of the best parts of creating mock antique furniture with the tips offered by Renovation Company in Naples FL. EBL Interiors is that most of the materials needed are things homeowners have lying around. For example, with some paint, a damp cloth, and Vaseline, the aged look can be created. Prior to painting the furniture the color selected, apply a thin layer of the Vaseline over the areas where the natural worn look should be. Then paint the piece. Once the paint is dry, simply rub over the areas with a cloth where the Vaseline was applied.

If a homeowner loves the look and appeal of antique furniture, they don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help create it. In fact, with a few tools and common items from around the house, this look is easy to achieve. More information about creating beautiful antique furniture can be found by taking some time to Click Here. Being informed can help anyone create unique furniture for their home.