Gutters and Leaf Guard Tacoma

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Roofing Contractor

Your home’s roof endures a lot over the course of its lifetime. It is able to protect you from the elements, keep you dry, and even help make your home more energy efficient. As long as you take care of your roof with proper maintenance and install gutters and downspouts, your roof will last for many years barring any major disasters. Leaf Guard Gutters Tacoma helps the gutter better protect your home. The following will discuss gutters and leaf guards and the tasks for which they are used.

Gutters Function

The primary functions of the gutter system on your home is to first collect rainwater and then to provide a detour for it that will not cause water damage to you home and property. This means the water collected has to be diverted where it will not cause damage to your home, foliage, or to your foundation.

Leaf Guards Function

Leaf guards are devices used in gutters to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting in the gutter system so it can do its job. Leaf guards commonly have screens or some kind of filter or membrane that prevents debris from entering the actual gutters. These are designed to prevent a backup of leaves, dirt, pine needles, seeds, and other organic debris. They are also supposed to prevent rainwater overflow to some extent. They should not be expected to provide the same level of protection in heavy and torrential rain storms as they do in an average rainfall.

The Benefits of Leaf Guards

Basic cleaning will be required after a hard rain or nasty storm. While leaf guards give you some relief from constant gutter cleaning, you still have to watch out for large debris that affects the function of the system. Small leaves and debris that gets into the drain channel may be able to pass through, but you should not expect larger pieces of debris to do the same.

These are the basics of how gutters and leaf guards protect your home and your roof from water damage. Leaf guards are like gutter assistants that allow the gutters to do their job more efficiently. New Windows of America in Tacoma offers a range of gutters and leaf guards as well as installation to suit your home’s needs. If you need a Leaf Guard Gutters Tacoma, you can contact Gutter & Roof Solutions NW for more information about their products and services.