Questions And Answers About New Gutter Installation In Bellevue WA

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

Rain gutters are very important and homeowners must make sure that their gutters are functioning correctly at all times. Gutters that have holes in them or ones that are coming loose from the roof are unable to work properly. Homeowners who have faulty gutters can read the frequently asked questions below to learn about new gutter installation in Bellevue, WA.

Are there different types of gutters available for homeowners to install on their house?

There are two basic types of gutters and they can be placed on the house in sections or in continuous pieces. Sectional, also known as standard gutters, come in a standard size and when they’re attached to the roof the sections are joined together and secured. Professional installers place these gutters on the house using hidden hangers and homeowners can purchase leaf screens to keep leaves from piling up inside the gutters. Continuous gutters, also called seamless, are attached to each side of the house in one long piece so there aren’t any joints or seams. These gutters are available in various materials including steel, aluminum and copper.

What type of finish is on the gutters and are they available in multiple colors?

Both types of gutters have an enamel finish that’s baked on during the manufacturing process, so the gutters will never need to be painted. Homeowners can choose from various colors when selecting their gutters. White, cream, tan, gray and brown are common colors for individuals who prefer neutral gutter shades. For a more modern look or to match a specific feature of the home, some homeowners choose gutters in black, red, blue or green.

Can homeowners install their own gutters to save money on labor costs?

Homeowners often install standard gutters by themselves but hiring a professional company to install the gutters ensures proper installation. Seamless gutters must be installed by an experienced company as they must be cut to size. A company that specializes in gutter installation in Bellevue, WA will often offer a warranty on the materials and labor.

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