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Questions To Ask Before Repairing Institutional Glass in Brooklyn, MI

Repairing any kind of commercial glass can be a big undertaking. The contractor hired to do the job must be very trustworthy and be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here are some questions to ask before repairing Institutional Glass in Brooklyn MI.

Are estimates free or is there a charge? Most companies these will provide a free estimate once they visit the building. A company is offering an estimate before actually seeing the work that needs to be done should be avoided as they are not treating each job as a separate entity and merely using a cookie-cutter approach. Look elsewhere for your repair needs concerning Institutional Glass in Brooklyn MI.

Ask if the contractor does the work or if they subcontract. This is important to know because you will want to know exactly who is performing the work. Try to only hire companies that actually do the work themselves. This way, the people that are interviewed for the job will be the ones who are actually repairing the glass.

Ask how long the repair process will take to complete. This can extremely important especially if the original glass was vandalized and further exposure to the elements could cause more harm to the building. A company such as Maple City Glass Inc will always be able to get the job done on time and with little to no muss or fuss.

Ask what kind of warranty they offer and exactly what is covered. This goes a long way to deliver peace of mind that will ease the stress of the hiring process. Many companies may offer limited warranties that only cover the actual glass. There are quite a few companies, however, that cover the entire scope of their work.

Ask if repainting is part of the installation package. Some contractors do not offer painting services. However, the ability of the contractor to offer this extra service will certainly add value and save time when installing glass that needed to be replaced because of wear or vandalism. It is essential that the contractor is able to deal with a wide range of replacement situations.