Reasons to Seek a Termite Inspection in Anne Arundel

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Pest Control

Termites are sometimes called white ants, but be careful, they should not be confused with carpenter ants. Termites are also distant cousins of the cockroach family, which is something most people didn’t know. Every home or business should seek out an annual Termite Inspection in Anne Arundel.

Characteristics of termites

Termites are found everywhere, mainly in the tropics but also in the United States and southern Canada. Like ants, termites are social and live in colonies, with hierarchized and organized castes. There are two distinct principal species:

  • The underground termite (which builds termite mounds visible from the ground). In this case, termite mounds are huge constructions that do not go unnoticed. They are the visible part of the nest that can reach six meters in some countries in Africa. These termites are built of earth, digested wood, and fat.
  • Dry wood termites, as their name suggests, live exclusively in wood.

A highly organized society

Termites are wood-eating insects that “leak light” and, apart from sexed termites, all termites are blind. They live in soil and in organized colonies including:

  • “Soldiers” whose role is to defend the termite mound
  • “Workers” who build the nest and supply it with food
  • “Sexed” insects that are only alive to reproduce (future kings and queens)

Termites use sexual pheromones to communicate. Getting a Termite Inspection in Anne Arundel can prevent this issue from spiraling out of control.

Reproduction of termites

Once fertilized, the female becomes enormous and can multiply its size by 100. Female termites give birth to thousands of eggs per year. Larvae become sexually active soldiers, laborers, or adults.

Only sexed adults have two pairs of wings that it loses after the nuptial flight. The swarming usually occurs in April/May and these termites go in search of partners to found a new colony.

How to fight against termites?

An exterminator offers durable solutions that get rid of termites in the long term with products directly injected into the wood. This professional adapts to the problem with different methods including, removing all damaged parts of the wood and dust removal facilitates the penetration of the insecticide, which is sprayed or brushed onto the affected areas. Browse our website for further info.