Signs that Replacement Windows are Needed

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Home Improvement

Many homeowners are not even aware of the age of their windows. While age is not the only factor that will determine if Replacement Windows are necessary, it is a good indication. Some of the other signs to look for that may indicate replacing windows in a home is needed can be found here.

Noticing a Draft
If moisture is present, an older window can develop drafts or gaps can be created due to the expansion and contraction of the window in cold or hot temperatures. While a draft alone is not an indication that Replacement Windows are needed, some type of action will need to be taken. One option is to use caulk around the opening of the window to seal the gaps. However, if caulk has been added and a draft is still present, then replacement may be the only option to completely seal the gap.

Condensation or Icing in the Windows
For windows that are triple or double pained, condensation forming between the panes may indicate that the insulating air layer has become compromised. In some cases, repairs will be possible but, in many situations, complete replacement is required. For extremely old, wood windows, excessive moisture and air leaks can result in ice forming inside of the window, which is a sure sign that replacing the existing windows is necessary.

Increases in Cooling and Heating Costs
It can be extremely difficult to determine a change in cooling and heating costs because the temperatures from one year to another may fluctuate greatly. The electric company may keep some records that can be helpful in determining if these costs have increased. If a homeowner discovers that their usage increased more than just a little when the temperature was the same, they may want to consider investing in window replacement, which can help homeowners save as much as70 percent on their total cooling and heating costs.

Learning about when it is time to replace windows can be quite beneficial. In fact, being aware of a problem can help ensure it is treated in a timely manner. To learn even more about windows and when the need for replacement is imminent, visit the website.