The Finest Beveling Glass Works To Be Found in Santa Clarita CA

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Home Improvement

Beveled glass has a distinctive look which makes any mirror, doorway or transom stand out. Glaziers take a sheet of thick glass and make an angled cut along the periphery of the plate or segment. This is done using sharpening stones spun at high velocity. It also takes a very steady hand and a sharp eye while making the bevel, whether traditional hand-made or machine methods are used. Afterward, a polishing wheel is employed to smooth out the cut so that light can pass through unimpeded by any remaining defects in the glass surface.

The end result creates a spectacular visual effect. The off-angle bevel acts as a prism, through which the color spectrum of the light passing through it is seen along the edges. Beveled glass is used in a wide variety of decorative applications, from a simple edging on a mirror to the cutting of glass panels and segments for very complex designs in entry doorways and transoms. Many art deco and art nouveau patterns use beveled glass segments, and the finished piece becomes one of the most attractive features of any home.

Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita CA is often carried out by skilled craftsmen who are on staff with contractors such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Co. With years of experience at their work, they can custom cut any piece of glass to specification, in any pattern, required by the customer. Whether the project involves the restoration of an antique doorway or transom or the creation of a new unit in a classical pattern, the licensed and bonded glaziers are capable of handling the work professionally and efficiently.

To get a clearer idea of what custom glasswork can do for a house or building, visit the website linked here. You can peruse for yourself an online gallery exhibiting various examples of decorative doorways, windows, and mirrors fashioned by these top-notch contractors who know their business. Their work is aided by the latest in CAD technology to guarantee precision design tailored to any customer’s vision. Engaging our professional staff for your particular project is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Contact us today.