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Time for a New Liner? Signs Indicating Chimney Repair is in Order

There is more to the chimney than just the part that juts out of the roof. When any of those components are in poor condition, the homeowner will do well to have a professional make some kind of Chimney Repair. One area that tends to be overlooked is the liner. Here are some signs indicating the time has come to think about replacing an older liner with something new.

Too Much Heat Transference

One of the functions of a chimney liner is to ensure the amount of heat transferred through the masonry and to the surrounding woodwork is kept within reason. If the current liner is damaged, more heat will move through the chimney materials and into the home’s wood framework. That increases the chances for a fire to break out. Rather than ignoring the situation, a better move is to have a professional determine if this type of Chimney Repair can be done. If not, the entire liner needs to be removed and replaced with a new one.

Weakened Mortar

A properly functioning liner does more than limit heat transference to the wooden home frame. It also helps to minimize the deterioration to the mortar that holds the chimney bricks together. If too much heat is seeping through cracks in the liner, it is just a matter of time before the mortar begins to break down. Choosing to fill in the cracks in the liner or look into the idea of investing in a new one will pave the way for keeping the chimney safe for use.

The Wrong Size

The current liner was the ideal size for an open hearth and firebox. Now that the decision is made to outfit the space with a wood-burning stove, the liner may or may not be the right size. Have a professional take a look and determine if a few modifications will correct the problem or if it’s time to remove the old liner and install a new one. Doing so ensures that using the stove will not pose any type of threat to the home.

Never make assumptions with chimney liners. Visit Website today and arrange for a professional to conduct a complete inspection. If the liner or any other part of the chimney needs repairs or replacement, it won’t take long to come up with a plan and get the job done.

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