What Irvine Homeowners Should Know About Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Carpet & Flooring

One of the most beautiful components of a home is its floor. Those remodeling or building a new house spend hours worrying which hardwood flooring in Irvine is better. Then there’s a choice between wide plank and slim plank floors. Here’s what we know about wide plank hardwood flooring.

Difference Between Wide And Slim Planks

Obviously, there’s the width of the planks, but that isn’t where the difference ends. Wide planks begin at five inches and go up to 12 inches wide, whereas slim plank floors are about two to four inches wide. This means fewer seams and a cleaner look to a room.

It’s About The Wood

Slim planks give you a taste of the character of the wood with its knots, markings, and imperfections. Wide plank hardwood flooring in Irvine offers more area in which the wood’s personality can shine forth. If you’re going for a country house or farmhouse look, then wide plank floors would be a great fit.

It’s About The Room

Small rooms require slim plank flooring that won’t overpower the room. Larger rooms and open floor plans almost cry out for wide plank hardwood floors. The width gives the rooms a wide-open feel yet homey as well. Lighter colors of wood are trending now which adds to the feeling of wide-open space.

There’s more to know about wide plank floors like humidity tips and hacks. LA Carpet will be happy to help you choose your wide plank floors and tell you more about them when you contact us at (000) 00 0000. Also follow on Facebook.