What You Need to Know About Bat Removal in Columbus, OH

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Home and Garden

The majority of bats eat insects and are beneficial to humans. However, bats can also carry disease, so homeowners may want to avoid having bats on their property. If bats start living in an attic or yard, a professional wildlife control company can provide humane Bat Removal in Columbus OH. Then homeowners will be able to feel safe once more.

Bats and Disease

Although bats can carry rabies, this is actually not as widespread as many people think. Bats also tend to shy away from humans, which makes the transfer of the disease even less likely to occur. Yet, since the spread of rabies remains a possibility, homeowners may still wish to have the bats removed from their property. Rabies is a very serious disease that, if present, would put all who live at home at risk, including children and pets. There is also another health-related problem with bats that is caused by their droppings. A dangerous kind of fungus sometimes grows on bat droppings, and this fungus can be breathed in by humans who happen to be near it. Due to the diseases connected with bats, only wildlife control experts should attempt bat removal.

Bat Signs

The most obvious sign that a property has bats living on it is the sight of one or more bats flying through the air. Bats are nocturnal and, around sunset, they will typically leave their nesting area to go searching for insects to eat. Some people describe bats as looking like mice with wings since bats are small furry mammals that can fly. The fur of bats is generally brown, gray, or black. Some bats live alone, but many live in colonies, and homeowners may see a whole group of bats flying around the yard at night while the creatures search for insects near an outdoor light. Perhaps the most common area that bats choose to live in is the attic of a home. Because of this, bat droppings may be found next to a house.

When homeowners believe that there are bats living on their property, they will likely want to get Bat Removal in Columbus OH. Then they won’t have to worry about the diseases that are associated with bats. Contact Wildlife Control Company for more information.