Why There Is an Increasing Demand for Expert Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Pest Control

Although bed bugs have been a worldwide problem for centuries, they were almost unheard of in Minneapolis for many decades. Products like DDT had destroyed most of the nearly invisible insects. Unfortunately, that kind of poisonous bed bug removal in Minneapolis was also dangerous for people and animals. Today, high-speed travel and a lack of experience have contributed to a new bed bug problem that only experts like Be There Pest Control can permanently solve.

Change Has Made an Old Bug Problem New Again

Because entire generations have grown up without ever seeing a bed bug, a lot of people have no idea the insects have invaded their homes. The result is that houses and apartments are often heavily infected by the time residents start waking up with lines of bites on their bodies. The itchy marks are not poisonous, but they are ugly and very uncomfortable. Even when sufferers finally Get more information and realize the source of their problems, they can’t usually get rid of the intruders. bed bug removal in Minneapolis is made harder by the fact the insects are tiny, multiply quickly, and thrive anywhere. They are excellent travelers who are often imported in suitcases. In fact, the rise in international travel is a major contributor to infestations. The bugs also arrive in used mattresses and furniture. They spread quickly in apartment buildings, hotels, and motels.

Old Fashioned Solutions Are Not Very Practical

Since extreme heat is one of the few things that quickly destroys bed bugs and their eggs, traditional treatment involves burning most infected items. Some items were saved by leaving them out in the hot sun for days. However, homes still had to be scrubbed from top to bottom, often more than once. These methods are still used today but are not practical for most people. Exterminators provide faster and much easier removal. Although they often have to return more than once, experts guarantee results and can often help clients save most affected belongings.

The bed bugs which were once almost stamped out in America are back again. Travelers have brought them back, and inexperienced victims often do not realize they have problems until the bugs are everywhere. Fortunately, modern pest control experts offer efficient and permanent solutions that are far more effective than destructive traditional methods.