Working with Hardscapes in Brookfield, WI

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Hardscaping

A yard with curb appeal has the perfect hardscape/softscape combination. Softscape includes the vegetation that’s part of the landscape. On the other hand, Hardscapes in Brookfield, WI refer to the non-living parts of the yard. Hardscape materials include wood, concrete, brick, and other stones. These materials are often used in retaining walls, patios, and garden paths. Hardscaping serves many purposes in the overall landscape.

Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls are often used to separate one area of the yard from another. For instance, a retaining wall makes an excellent border for a flower bed. In addition, mortarless walls provide drainage. Running water drains through the cracks below the stones. Consult with a professional landscaper before starting any large hardscape projects. Professionals have fabulous ideas and the knowledge of whether or not permits are needed for projects. For example, many jurisdictions require permits for retaining walls over three feet high.

Outdoor Entertaining

Hardscapes in Brookfield, WI include outdoor rooms and kitchens. This space is perfect for parties and barbecues in the warmer months. Many homeowners design elaborate backdrops for outdoor ovens and sinks. It makes entertaining so much easier. A variety of materials are used to create floors for the outdoor rooms. Tile is perfect for those who want a more elaborate space while concrete is durable and less expensive.

Lay a Path with Stones

Garden paths add interest to landscaping. Consider laying stones that lead straight into the outdoor room. Moreover, a path that runs along the side of the home is also attractive and useful. Ideally, guests can use the path to get to the door without walking on the grass. In addition, fences are popular ways to hardscape, and wood is a top material choice. Split-rail fences and picket fences add charm to a home. However, ask your landscaper about the variety of fencing materials on the market.

Stone fountains complement most yards and add a touch of elegance. Surround the water fountain with vibrant-colored plants to create the perfect focal point. A landscaper may suggest a stone koi pond surrounded by Japanese maples. There’s no shortage of ideas to add beauty to a yard. Visit us for more information!

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