3 Benefits Of New Siding Replacement

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Home Improvement

The appearance of the exterior of a home is very important to the home’s curb appeal. Also, the siding on the home is responsible for protecting the interior and the exterior of the home from the elements. If a person notices that their existing siding is old, they should consider siding replacement. There are several ways that siding replacement can benefit the home and the people who live inside.

Improve Curb Appeal

As siding gets older, the color can begin to fade. Also, the siding will retain dirt making it difficult to clean. When the homeowner replaces their current siding, the home will look cleaner and brighter. If the siding on a person’s home is old, it is likely outdated. Today, siding comes in many more colors, textures, and profiles than it once did. If the homeowner replaces their outdated siding, they can give their home a nicer, more modern look.

Repair Hidden Structural Damage

Old siding can allow rainwater to leak around the windows and in all areas where the siding is worn. This can result in structural damage to the home. In many cases, the damage will be underneath the siding making it impossible to see. When the homeowner has their siding replaced, any structural damage to the home will be discovered so that it can be fixed before creating additional damage.

Increase Energy Efficiency

If a homeowner is paying too much money for their heating and cooling bills, the problem can be rectified when the siding is being replaced. Before the new siding is put on the house, insulation can be placed on the exterior of the walls. If the home already has insulation in the exterior walls, newer and more efficient insulation such as foam insulation can be installed. When the home is completely insulated, it will keep the warm air in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. This will reduce the homeowner’s energy bills.

If a homeowner has aging, outdated siding on their home, they should consider siding replacement. Not only will new siding make the home look nicer, it will also save the homeowner money and protect the structure of the home.

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