3 Valuable Tips on How to Choose Commercial Garage Doors in Charleston WV

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Home Remodel Guide

Commercial garage doors are popular options for many businesses. In the right setting, a commercial garage door can help improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of a business. Businesses may use a garage for different functions, including storing inventory, protecting company vehicles, or as an extra workspace. With all the benefits a garage can bring to a business, it is imperative to ensure the right garage door is used. Here are three valuable tips on how to choose Commercial Garage Doors in Charleston WV.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Material

Commercial garage doors can be made from different materials, including steel, fiberglass, glass,and aluminum.

  • Steel Doors.
  • They are the most popular commercial garage doors. Steel doors are durable and can provide insulation. Steel doors also offer a wide selection of colors and price ranges.
  • Fiberglass Doors.
  • While fiberglass garage doors do not provide much insulation in their basic form, they are an ideal option for businesses that places an emphasis on appearance. These doors can take on the appearance of wood grain and can be painted.
  • Aluminum Doors.
  • Aluminum garage doors can provide a sophisticated or modern look and offer a variety of colors and finishing textures. Though they do not have good insulation without added costs, they are essentially maintenance-free.
  • Glass Doors.
  • Glass garage doors offer the same benefits as aluminum doors. The only difference is that glass doors are more resistant to dents. They can also shatter if hit hard enough.

Tip 2: Go For an Insulated Commercial Door

An insulated garage door will prove beneficial for businesses that use a garage for storing goods whose shelf life is dependent on temperature. Insulated commercial garaged doors are also important where a business wishes to cut energy costs. Insulation materials, such as foam, also help to block noise.

Tip 3: Design Matters

The design of a garage door is important even in commercial settings. This is especially true if the door will be installed in a facility that will be doubling as a storefront or will be visible to customers. In this case, the garage door will be a vital part of creating a good first impression of the business.

Other top factors to consider when choosing Commercial Garage Doors in Charleston WV include safety, security, speed and ease of opening, and durability. For more information about commercial garage doors, contact Business Name.