3 Ways That Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha Benefits Homeowners

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Home Improvement

Bathroom remodels are popular among Omaha residents because they allow homeowners to stamp the spaces with their own unique styles. However, Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha does more than just add beauty and value. A well thought out plan can increase living space and make homes more eco-friendly. The projects also let homeowners create healthier bathrooms by correcting a range of problems.

Remodeling Can Add Usable Space

One of the most common reasons for Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha is to add space and increase efficiency. In fact, professionals like Kitchens and Baths by Briggs routinely redesign original bathrooms to make them more user-friendly for growing families. Sometimes designers achieve that by tearing out and rebuilding sections to make them more space efficient. They also maximize the space in tiny bathrooms simply by substituting elements like fixtures or cabinets. Professionals can often make rooms spacious just by choosing space-saving vanities or sinks and by utilizing vertical space more efficiently.

Renovating Can Make Homes Greener

Contractors can also use bathroom renovations to create more eco-friendly homes. For instance, they might install a more efficient hot water heater that lowers electric and water use. Professionals can also install low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient lighting. Despite a common misconception that “green” fixtures cannot handle heavy pressure, they are, in fact, designed to be efficient, sturdy and beautiful. Click here for more details.

The Process Makes Bathrooms Healthier

A bathroom remodel also contributes to a healthier home. Over time even the most carefully cleaned bathrooms accumulate hidden dirt, mold, and mildew. It is often hidden in pipes and in walls. The problem is very common in older houses with original plumbing. During renovation, every element is replaced with newer versions. When finished remodeled spaces not only feel cleaner and brighter, they actually are more sanitary. Renovated bathrooms also have a positive effect on users’ moods, especially when they include relaxing elements like spa tubs, increased light, and elegant fixtures.

Homeowners who renovate bathrooms instantly increase their values and often add usable space. Remodeling can also make bathrooms greener, since modern features often conserve water and energy. Renovating also allows homeowners to create a cleaner, healthier spaces.