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4 Most Common Benefits of Oak Cladding Buildings in Brighton

Timber cladding is the process of casing a building with timber to create an amazing finish. One of the most common materials used to clad buildings is oak. The following are the benefits of oak cladding.

1. Oak Cladding Improves Aesthetics

One of the most common benefits of oak cladding in Brighton is improved aesthetics. Oak cladding looks stunning and often blends well with natural surroundings. It makes a building look unique and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Oak Cladding is Sustainable

Oak cladding is sustainable because timber is a renewable material. The process is also sustainable because trees do not emit gases. Instead, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, leading to the balance of emissions.

3. Oak Cladding is Durable

Every person wants a building material that will pass the test of time. The good news is that oak cladding in Brighton is highly durable. Oak cladding can last 40 to 60 years if properly installed and treated.

4. Oak Cladding is Affordable

Oak cladding in Brighton is quite affordable. Timber is cheaper to buy and install than most building materials. It also has lower maintenance needs and lasts for a long time, making it more cost-effective.

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