5 Factors to Consider When You Shop for Drapery

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Home Remodel Guide

When it comes to drapery, the slew of options out there can make picking out the right one a daunting task. But look on the bright side. You’ve got infinite possibilities to express yourself as well.

Think of blackout drapes

There are plenty of reasons to go for blackout drapes. They protect your home and privacy. They also help you cut down on energy consumption costs, the DIY Network says. In addition, they prevent premature aging of your home furniture, which all make every dollar you spend on them worth it.

Consider fabric

When you look for drapery, think long and hard about the mood you want for that room. Is it a formal space? You can go for heavy silk or velvet, the last one being a great insulator. Loving a more casual vibe? Then go for linen, cotton and cotton blends.

Move on to color

You could pick out curtains that either blend or pop. If you want to go with the first one, go for curtains that are the same tone as your walls, but go for a few shades darker. For a bold pop of color, pick ones that you can live with for a long time.

Explore prints and patterns

If you have solid-color furniture pieces, then that’s the best time to shop for patterned drapes. However, if you already have patterned furniture or bedding, then you’ll want to ditch the patterns for solid-color options. That way, your space won’t be overloaded with patterns and prints.

Check on the length

Curtains should reach the floor. Or you could pick out ones that hit right until the sill. Those window treatments should work for you as well.

With these tips, shopping for drapes and window treatments for every spot in your home should be fun and a bit easier.