A Guide to An Eco-Friendly Painting Service: Cost, Expectations, and What It Actually Means

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Painting

Green initiatives abound, and it seems that all industries are deploying a greener sensibility. The painting industry is no particular exception, as painting professionals are digging to offer customers a greener option for their painting needs. Some providers are greening it up, and the customers are reaping the benefits.

So, what is eco-friendly paint? It isn’t paint that is green. As confusing as “eco-friendly” can be, it is a somewhat fair assessment. Eco-friendly paint is paint that lacks chemical compounds, and is primarily used by a local Eco-Friendly Painting Service.

Watching Paint Dry

Most people believe that paint smells bad. It is also bad to breathe in. Where does the belief of not breathing paint in come from? Painters are recommended to wear a face mask. Children are asked to stay out of the room and not breathe in the fumes after a fresh coat of paint. The reason is chemicals. Chemicals are released from the paint that can cause nausea and dizziness- and these are the slight symptoms. Links to cancer growth have been found in paint compounds.

These chemicals are varied, but they grouped into one category. This is called VOC, and it stands for volatile organic compounds. In short, paint has VOC’s, but it is not by necessity. Eco-friendly paints diminish and sometimes remove the presence of VOC’s entirely.

There is No Eco in VOC

What is the economically-friendly part of VOC’s? It seems to only be an issue that affects people, but that is not the case. The compounds “released” from paint will go into the environment. It has been shown that VOC’s will decrease the air quality and cause gas emissions. VOC’s pollute the air. Any effort to diminish VOC’s in paint is a clear initiative to improve the air quality. This is what makes some paints eco-friendly, and others just plain old paint.

The local Eco-Friendly Painting Service, Greg Anderson Painting, has green-friendly paints available to consumers who feel a moral obligation to care for their environment. It’s safer to use, it’s better for the community, and it leads credence to the fact that every bit helps. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!