A Variety of Reasons to Hire Tree Service Technicians for Pruning Trees in Anaheim

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Landscaping

Hiring tree service technicians for pruning trees in Anaheim helps property owners prevent trimming that looks unattractive or even damages the tree. People who do not have much experience with this work commonly make serious mistakes that lead to dissatisfaction with the tree’s appearance or even ruins its health.

No Topping

One example of trimming that should never be done is the topping off of a tree. People sometimes do this in an effort to prevent the tree from growing into power lines or to try slowing its upward growth. The tree reacts by creating many small, weak branches that reach for the sky. This is an effort to regain the canopy that was lost. It reduces the strength of the tree as well as its natural beauty.

Specific Beneficial Strategies

Professional technicians who provide service for pruning trees in Anaheim use specific strategies that are proven to make these majestic plants look more attractive and keep them healthy. For example, small branches can be cut back to their origination points. Large limbs are pruned back in relation to others of similar size, using a technique that leaves the tree not looking unbalanced. In some cases, one side of a tree must be substantially pruned because it is encroaching onto a structure or feature in the yard. Technicians do their best to avoid any obvious lopsidedness.

Flowering Bushes

Flowering bushes like lilac trees can be significantly trimmed in fall, which stimulates growth so they flower even more beautifully in future years. That may not happen the following spring, but within another year or two, the bush will be more lovely than ever before.

Removing Weak Branches

Sometimes pruning by a company such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc is done to remove dead or damaged branches. Branches sometimes die off for no apparent reason, making them vulnerable to breaking off during a windstorm and causing destruction to buildings or vehicles. Trees also can suffer damage from those storms, with broken branches hanging precariously. Although service technicians tend to be very busy after severe storms, they will arrive as soon as they can get the customer on the schedule. You can also connect them on Facebook.