After the Storm: Using Commercial Glass Repairs in Santa Clarita, CA to Fix Damaged Office Windows

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Home Improvement

The weather was rough last night, but there doesn’t seem to be much damage. One casualty is a couple of the windows in the office. While they are still intact, those windows do have a few cracks. One of the best ways to decide how to remedy the issue is to contact an expert in Commercial Glass Repairs in Santa Clarita CA and find out what can be done.

Evaluating the Condition of the Window Glass

The first thing that the professional will want to do is determine what sort of Commercial Glass Repairs in Santa Clarita CA are viable. This is based on a couple of variables. How severe is the cracking? Would it be possible to fill and seal the cracks, so they are not really noticeable? Second concern is whether the glass would still pass a local safety inspection. By having an expert examine the damaged windows, it is possible to decide if the glass can be salvaged, or if it will have to be replaced altogether.

Settling on a Resolution

In the best case scenario, the professional will find that it is possible to mend the cracks and still comply with local commercial standards. Even so, it pays to talk about how the glass will look. This is especially important if the windows happen to be easily visible from the street level. For example, the windows in question are at eye level for everyone who passes by, will they be able to make out the slight seams left by the treatment? If so, it may be worth talking with the professional about the idea of replacing the damaged glass with new panes.

Whatever type of issue exists with the glass in an office, retail outlet, or another type of commercial enterprise, it pays to visit us website and learn more about what they have to offer business owners. Arrange for a professional to visit the place of business and take a look at the windows. It will not take long to identify all the possible solutions, outline what to expect in terms of material and labor costs, and answer any questions that come to the mind of the customer.