Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA: Distinguishing Carpenter Ants From Termites

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Pest Control

It will be a relief to a homeowner when the pest control technician confirms that an insect infestation actually is ants and not termites. Nevertheless, the customer still does not want an ant invasion in the house. Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA can remedy the problem and technicians can provide advice on how to prevent this from occurring again.


Carpenter ants are the insects commonly confused with termites, as they look and behave somewhat similarly. They both have two sets of wings when they are swarming, but the termite’s wings are all the same size. Ants have a smaller and a large pair. The wings are clipped or shed once termites and ants settle in at their location.

Ants normally swarm in the spring. Other types in addition to carpenter ants are often seen in vacant lots and parts of properties where grass is thin, roaming around the top of the little mound of dirt with their wings quite prominent.

Ants have antennae that are bent like an elbow, whereas termites have antennae that are straight. Termites are usually light in color, such as off-white or cream, while carpenter ants are brown or darker.

Destructive Behavior

Although these ants don’t cause the level of damage to wood that termites do, they still are destructive, especially in large numbers. Termites eat cellulose in dead wood and carry it back to the colony. They’ll also consume newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes and other items with cellulose content.

Carpenter ants, in contrast, build their nests inside wood. People may see the wood shavings along the floor by walls caused by ant excavation. Since termites eat what they burrow through, the problem often isn’t noticed until parts of the structure have been seriously damaged.

Eliminating the Ants

The immediate problem will be managed by Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA by applying pesticide to eradicate the infestation and also treating areas where the bugs may be getting in. A company like Pest Management Services Incorporated, or PMSI, also uses poison bait. The workers take this back to the colony. Browse the site for details on this particular organization.