Aspects to Consider When Planning for the Installation of Laminate Flooring in Longmont

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Flooring

As homeowners start to consider the possibility of Laminate Flooring in Longmont, they will need to discuss various aspects of the project with the installation company. They’ll want to know whether certain projects are feasible and aesthetically pleasing. When they contact a company like Aesthetic Flooring & Hard-Surfaces, Inc., they should ask any questions so they can make fully informed choices.

Laminate Over Concrete

For example, the desire for Laminate Flooring in Longmont may be part of a basement finishing project. The customers may want to know whether it’s okay to install the material directly on top of the concrete floor. Contractors typically must perform some protective measures because of potential moisture issues. This isn’t necessary when installing over other materials.

Plank Direction

The customers might wonder whether going against the norm in regard to installation is ever okay. For instance, interior design guidelines recommend that the planks should run vertically parallel to the longest wall. Some homeowners may be intrigued by doing the opposite. They also may wonder whether it’s acceptable to have planks running in one direction in a hallway but in a different direction with a connecting room.

Do it Yourself?

Some homeowners toy with the idea of making laminate flooring installation a do-it-yourself project, but even the DIY experts express caution about this endeavor. Precision is crucial in regard to measuring the rooms and cutting boards. Even a tiny error can cause problems that make the project much more difficult. It may never look quite right aesthetically.


Floor installation tends to be a dusty project. The customers will want to make sure the home is well-ventilated for at least 48 hours after the project is completed. This will help reduce odors quickly as well.

Selecting the Design

After understanding all the basic points, homeowners are ready to choose the flooring design they want in their house if they have not already done so. They probably already know whether they want a style that looks like hardwood, stone, or another material, but there are many options within the subcategories. More information on laminate flooring installation is available at Website. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!