Calling A Service To Do Home Roof Repair in Appleton

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Roofing Contractor

If water starts seeping into the inside of a home from the ceiling or along a wall, there is a good chance there is a need for a Home Roof Repair in Appleton. There are several steps a roofing company would take in an attempt to find the source of the leak so it can be repaired effectively. Here is a rundown of what a roofing service would do when they get to a home that has a leaking rooftop.

The Source Of The Leak Will Be Found

The roofing service will take a look at the interior of the home to see if they can pinpoint an approximate location where there is damage to the roof on the other side of a ceiling. They will then go to the rooftop to see if there is a visible area with damage to fix. If there is no apparent damage, the service will take a garden hose to the top of the rooftop and allow it to run over the shingles for several minutes. They will move the hose every few minutes until water starts to drip in the home. The homeowner can alert the roofing company when leaking is seen so the service can look at the shingles in this area in detail.

Replacements Will Be Made

If there are shingles that have crumbled or cracked, a replacement will be necessary. Flashing that is rusted will also need to be removed from the roof and replaced with new pieces. Cracked or chipped caulk will be replaced with new caulk as needed.

The Gutters Will Be Evaluated

If there is leaking on an interior wall in the home, it may be the gutter system that is at blame for the problem. The gutters will be checked to see if they are in need of a cleaning. A roofing service can handle this job and will get water to flow to the appropriate downspouts instead of pushing up to shingles above the gutters.

If a homeowner wishes for a company to come to the rescue in doing Home Roof Repair in Appleton, a reliable roofing service will need to be found. Contact Business Name for pricing information or to set up an appointment for an evaluation today.