Choosing a Hot Water Heater in Hudson County NJ

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Plumbing

One of the appliances that consume a huge amount of energy in the home is the water heater. Though individuals enjoy hot showers and running water, the rising cost of energy bills, as well as its adverse impact on the environment, may force individuals to look at newer types of water heaters. The following are types of Hot Water Heater in Hudson County NJ.

Storage Tank

The storage tank remains the most common form of hot water heater in use today. The water in the storage tank is constantly heated using natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity. When needed, hot water flows out of the topmost part of the tank and is immediately replaced by cold water flowing in from the bottom.

Tank-less System

This system is also referred to as on-demand water heater. There is no form of storage required in this system since hot water is produced as needed. The system uses gas or electricity to heat the water flowing through it and delivers the hot water where it is needed.


The heating mechanism used in this form of hot water heater is a solar collector. The water in the tank is circulated through the solar collector and is heated using the sun’s energy. If the temperature of the heated water is not high enough, other water heaters can be used to raise its temperature to the desired level.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Water Heaters

To choose the right kind of water heaters for their homes, individuals must consider several important factors. These factors include energy efficiency, cost of the heating system, installation costs, energy sources, etc. Individuals should carefully calculate the long term operating cost of a water heating system before purchasing it.

Compliance with the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act

The availability of the energy source used by the hot water system is a major factor. Also, individuals should only purchase water heaters that meet the conditions stipulated by the 2015 NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act). This act ensures that manufacturers produce water heating systems with higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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