Considering Mastic Siding Installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Home Improvement

At some point in the life of a house, the homeowner is going to have to seriously contemplate the complete replacement of all the siding work. Because as the siding ages, both the appearance of the home and it’s condition deteriorates. Wooden clapboard siding, of course, has to be repainted, which can be a huge headache. Wood siding is also subject to progressive damage from wood rot resulting from years of exposure as well as attack by termites and carpenter bees. Old aluminum and vinyl siding tend to fade and collect ingrained dirt. Aluminum siding also has the unfortunate tendency to dent from physical impacts, of course. Either way, after fifteen or twenty years, the old siding becomes quite ugly. And any homeowner with pride is going to want to do something about it.

Over the years, the siding industry has improved its techniques in the production of quality siding that keeps its color fast through years of exposure, is far superior in its insulation properties, and more recently can be turned out in a variety of textures. Modern vinyl siding is particularly superior in this latter aspect. Manufacturers such as Mastic have produced whole lines of cedar textured siding which are indistinguishable from the real product. Yet it also has vinyl’s durability and low maintenance which guarantees many years of usage on a home before replacement would be necessary. They also have multiple lines of simulated wood siding with smooth or woodgrain appearance which makes it ideal for use on many classically styled homes.

Contractors who offer mastic siding installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin can present the customer with a wide variety of choices to suit any home. And the installation process is made easier by the incorporation of locking panels into the design which guarantees a perfect fit and greater durability of the finished work. Mastic vinyl siding is also manufactured to meet the standards of even the strictest local building codes. The interlocking panels are capable of withstanding high storm winds up to 200 mph and have superior resistance to moisture permeability. And with modern UV coating, the vinyl will retain its color through a lifetime.

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