Contact A Roofing Contractor In Rochester MN For Repairs Or Installation

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Roofing

A roof is not usually not given much thought unless there’s a leak in a ceiling or shingles are missing. A roof should be inspected on a yearly basis by a Roofing Contractor in Rochester MN. Warranty coverage on a roof is only valid if the roof has been checked yearly by a roofing company. The main reason for an inspection is to notify an owner of any damage to the roof before the repairs become costly. A small leak and other damage will not be noticed by a homeowner from the ground level. A small amount of water under a shingle can freeze during the winter months. This can cause damage to a shingle and cause the shingle to lift from the roof.

During an inspection of a roof, a Roofing Contractor in Rochester MN will climb onto the roof and check for any shingles that may be loose. They will check around chimneys and vent pipes for any cracking in the sealant. They will ensure that the roof is functioning the way it should. If there is any damage detected during an inspection, they will offer an affordable solution to the problem. Wind storms and hail can severely damage a roof. Hail can dent shingles and cause them to lose their UV protectant. The wind can remove shingles and leave the roof vulnerable to water damage.

Any shingles that are missing from a roof should be replaced as soon as possible. If a homeowner does not have shingles that will match the current ones, a roofing contractor can locate a shingle, that is the same or similar to the current ones on the roof. A roof is as important to a home as a foundation. It helps to keep a home safe, dry and secure from the weather. In addition, a well-installed roof can add curb appeal and value to a home. If your roof looks worn or is in need of repairs or you’re in need a new roof on a home, Contact Steve Gentry Construction. They provide quality workmanship and outstanding roofing products. They’ve been in business for years providing customers with outstanding roofing products in the area.