Convincing Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall on Your Residential Property

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Fences and Fencing

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the safety and appearance of your property. You cannot allow it to fall into disrepair if you want to avoid being the target of expensive fines and lawsuits. When your property has deep ditches and crevices, you have to figure out a way to prevent these landscape features from collapsing. By installing a wood retaining wall, Rockville, MD, homeowners like you can prevent disasters that could otherwise occur if you fail to secure parts of your yard. Here’s what you need to know about retaining walls for your residential property.

Preventing Dirt and Mudslides

When you put in a wood retaining wall, Rockville, MD, property owners like you can prevent ditches and crevices from collapsing and sliding off into adjoining yards or lots. As sturdy as these features seem now, they can significantly weaken if they become drenched with water. Further, gravity also can take its toll on them and cause them to collapse. Once they fall, these landscape features can be difficult to repair. You can prevent them from collapsing by reinforcing them with a retaining wall. A retaining wall made out of treated wood can stand up to the elements including heavy rainfall and humidity. It also resists pests like termites that can otherwise eat away at the wood and cause it to buckle.

Avoiding Liability Lawsuits and Fines

If parts of your property were to collapse and slide, it could trigger lawsuits and fines that you could find difficult to pay. You have a legal obligation to be a good neighbor and prevent your property from compromising that of your neighbors. By keeping the mud and dirt in your crevices secure behind a wall, you avoid giving the next-door neighbors or the local code enforcement board from suing or fining you.

Retaining walls can secure parts of your property. They also help you avoid fines and lawsuits.