Ensure That Roof Can Withstand the Elements With a Reliable Roof Inspection Mount Prospect IL

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Roofing

The roof is possibly the most important external feature of a building. Not only does it keep the elements out, but it provides additional support during high winds and severe storms. Of course, very few roofs are invulnerable. In fact, the roof can be easily damaged by several kinds of natural elements including ice, hail, strong winds and heavy rainfall. Even solar rays can cause problems once the asphalt roofing begins to age. The best way to determine these types of issues if with a thorough Roof Inspection Mount Prospect IL.

There is a lot more to inspecting a roof than simply checking the condition of the shingles, even though that aspect of the job is very important. Expert contractors such as C & R Home Improvements Inc recommend checking every crack and crevice of the roof including the decking, rafters, and eaves. This often requires climbing around inside the attic and testing the quality of wood that is deep inside the structure. Water has a way of finding weak spots and those deep corners where joists and rafter meet are a common area for this problem to develop. Other places to check for damage are the eaves. These are the area at the edges of the roof and rain has a tendency to seep under those edges. Even if the moisture dries, there is a chance that rot will develop in the underlying wood.

Other things that are important in a Roof Inspection Mount Prospect IL are the condition of shingles and the quality of any other construction materials such as flashing and sealants. Shingles can be damaged in several ways including impact fractures from hail and the loss of oil from excessive heat. Even an improperly insulated attic can result in roofing failures because heat may get trapped between the roof and the insulation. Flashing is critical to controlling the flow of water. It can be used anywhere that a wall meets the roof including additional storeys or dormers.

However, flashing usually requires a sealant, so the moisture does not seep behind the metal. Sealants are also required around roofing details such as attic vents and this sealant should check regularly to prevent leaks. Learn more about roofing inspections from the experts at our website.