Frequently Asked Questions About a Broken Window in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Home Improvement

Many people who are dealing with a Broken Window in Santa Clarita CA have several important questions. The window in question may need to be replaced, but that doesn’t have to mean the broken window will break the bank. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding broken window replacement in California today.

Is the New Window Installed From the Outside or the Inside of the Home?

Generally, a replacement for a broken window will be installed from the outside, although there are rare situations where it may be better to approach the replacement from the interior of the home. When the day of the scheduled installation arrives, the window replacement provider will do an analysis to determine which approach works best for the specific type of break and the individual home.

What Time of Year is Best For Window Replacement?

Replacement windows can be installed at any time during the year based on the homeowner’s needs. Most installations take only a day to complete. If multiple windows need to be replaced, the installer will generally only replace one at a time to limit the amount of heating or cooling lost in more extreme temperatures. However, a small amount of heating or cooling loss will usually occur in the summer or winter months. Over time, this small loss is more than offset by the benefits of having properly installed windows.

How Can Homeowners Get Ready For Window Replacement?

Homeowners should prepare for window replacement by removing any window blinds, curtains on the windows, or any other type of window treatment that may interfere with the installation. If the home has an alarm system that includes security sensors on the windows, these must temporarily be disabled for the new window installation to take place. If any type of debris, including sawdust or dried paint, comes loose during the window installation, the window installers will typically clean it up afterward. However, homeowners can provide a protective tarp if they are concerned about potential damage to the carpet or floor. When stuck with a Broken Window in Santa Clarita CA, visit website to learn more.