Frequently Asked Questions About Earwigs Extermination

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Pest Control

In Hawaii, insects can enter a residential property through small cracks in the flooring, around the windows or doors, and any compromised building materials. Earwigs are insects that are more likely to enter a residential property to find moisture and a food source. Local exterminators can answer questions that property owners have about earwigs extermination.

What is Attractive to Earwigs?

Any moist and dark area of the property is idyllic for these insects, and these areas give the insects the right setting to set up a nest. They are most attracted to kitchens and bathrooms in which moisture is readily available. They also live in areas of the exterior in which the insects can access damp leaves and tree bark.

What is a Food Source for the Insects?

These insects often eat plants, fruits and, in most cases, they feed on other insects. The insects will eat other insects even if they are still alive as long as the earwigs get the food they need. They will also eat mold that is found outside or inside the property.

Do Earwigs Pose a Threat to Humans?

No, the insects don’t bite or distribute venom into humans. However, they have pincers that they can use to pinch a human if they pick up the insects or it’s threatened. If pinched, the area of the skin will sting and cause discomfort; however, it doesn’t pose any risk to humans at all.

Are There Other Ways for the Insects to Get Inside the Home?

Yes, these insects will attach themselves to pet fur and other insects to get into the property faster. They also attach themselves to flowers outside the property in order to get in as well. Property owners should check their pets and plants for these insects frequently.

In Hawaii, these insects need moisture and darkened places to thrive, and they will hide in cabinets as well as around sinks and bathtubs. They seek food sources inside and outside the property to survive. Property owners who need earwigs extermination can contact Bowman Termite Pest Management LLC and schedule an appointment for the services today. You can also connect them on Facebook.