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Good Reasons for Replacing Old Carpet in Woodridge

The companies for carpet in Woodridge know how important it is to have good, clean carpeting in your home. While many other flooring types are nice too, there’s more to carpet than most people realize. The carpet from Woodridge, IL, a popular carpet seller and installer of carpets in this area, gives you many good reasons to replace the carpeting you have with new carpet and install carpet in place of other types of flooring.

Old and Worn Carpeting Harbors Respiratory Dangers

The older the carpet, the fuller it is in terms of what is hiding in its fibers. Dust, dust mites, mold spores, mildew (especially near doors or just underneath windows), and even pests your animals bring inside invade the fibers of the carpeting. Regular cleanings can help, but over time it just builds to the point where it can’t be rescued. These things buried in your old carpeting cause major respiratory health problems. Replacing the carpeting pulls all of that out of your home and out of your indoor air.

Carpet Mutes Sound

You may not have noticed this before, but a room with hardwood or laminate floors tends to echo. There is nothing on the floor to prevent the bouncing of sound, so there’s a lot more echo happening. If you want a quieter home, carpeting can dampen the sound waves and prevent echoes.

If you want to know more about the many different benefits of carpet in Woodridge, contact Best Buy Carpet and Granite via their website today.