Grading Different Kinds of Kitchen Countertops in Minneapolis

by | May 25, 2020 | Countertops

When choosing a material for their kitchen countertops in Minneapolis, people have to think both aesthetically and practically. They must also take into account the layout of the kitchen and its décor. Is a classic look better? Urban trendy? Country style? The choice will not be the same.


Granite is a natural stone that presents itself in a multiplicity of united colors and more or less veined. If a person chooses from a small sample, Mother Nature can offer a surprise. It is not typical that the whole slab will reproduce the same aspect as the sample. Resistant to stains and heat, are designed in a polished or matte version. People can quickly tire themselves out when it comes to overloaded granite speckles. Note that the matte granite stains more easily than countertops that are polished. It requires more maintenance and needs to be resealed from time to time.


A natural material, marble is considered one of the most beautiful, classic and refined countertops ever designed. There is a wide choice of colors ranging from pure white to black through veins of all colors. However, it does stain easily and requires professional maintenance.


Forget the references of old, laminate is not what it used to be. Offered in several finishes and colors, it can even imitate wood and marble (a photo process is used as in the case of floating floors). Edges can be straight or rounded. It is easy to install and maintain, as well as to resist scratches. As a bonus, its cost is affordable. People must ensure that warm, wet dishes are not placed directly on the surface because it could mark up the countertop and even melt it.

Stainless steel and pre-cut options

This option provides homeowners with a trendy, industrial look. Stainless steel is well maintained through routine cleaning and maintenance. Scratches do show easily, however, and finger marks are quite visible. If something is dropped, the countertop could dent. This option is very expensive because of the work put into installing it.

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