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See How Window Replacements in Colorado Springs can Increase Your Home Value

There are very few items between a potential home buyer and the decision to consider walking in to a home for sale. Essentially the roof, siding, and windows are the only things a potential buyer sees before entering the home. Don’t let windows that are in disrepair stop a sale before the customer has a chance to enter the home. Old windows are an obvious indicator that something is likely to break or need repair soon. Old windows can even leak rain water into the house and potential buyers know that what seems to be a small problem can usually present as a much larger one in the future. Window replacements in Colorado Springs are a great option to increase the value of the home both for you and future homeowners. New windows increase curb appeal and are an obvious choice when you research recoupment costs in Colorado Springs.

Even though the national recoupment of windows replacement cost is only 75% the West Coast enjoys a much higher value for return at 92%. Higher recoupment value means that you can enjoy the new windows for longer and if you decide to sell you get more of your investment back than other home improvements.


There are more aspects to safety with window replacements than many may think. Windows that are in disrepair may cause injury or put residents in a dangerous situation. During an attempt to open an old, broken, or stuck window personal injury may occur. Old windows tend to fall as they lose their strength in the balancers so they may fall back down causing injury. During a fire or emergency when a window needs to be used as an exit, the old window may fail. In that case, having functional windows is extremely important.

Windows are also a point of illegal entry and old windows are an easy target for a criminal to open. Modern window replacements are built with tough safety standards against forced entry. New window locks can hide or mask whether they are locked or unlocked much better than old window locks. No more single latch in an obvious open or closed position. The new locks are made with stronger materials to withstand many forced entry efforts.

Finally, old windows and the materials used on install such as paints can contain lead. Paint based lead was common at one point in the industry and can still be a dangerous pollutant if you have old windows. Make sure you find a window installation company that is able to handle lead painted window removal in case that becomes the case during install. For more information visit Business Name.