When to Hire Tile Cleaners in Huntertown IN

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Regular cleaning of grout and tile is fine for everyday care and maintenance. The floor will look clean and be free of large debris. Over time, the floor will begin to look dull and start to have an odor. That is not a reflection on housekeeping, it is the result of the grout material.


Grout is a porous material. That means that small particles, dirt, and grime get trapped below the surface. A broom and mop will not remove those particles. They begin to build up within the grout causing it to become discolored. It may also cause cracking which will allow water to get under the grout and begin to wear down the tiles.

The movement can also result in tiles becoming loose from the sub-floor. Tripping hazards, crumbling corners, and an unsightly appearance follows. The only way to remove built up dirt and grime is to have the floor professionally cleaned by experienced tile cleaners in Huntertown IN.

A Question of Frequency

A floor in the average home should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Homeowners with small children or pets will want to have the process repeated every six months to make sure the floor is as sanitary as possible. Heavy traffic areas should also be cleaned twice a year.

Businesses may wish to consider hiring Tile Cleaners in Huntertown IN on a quarterly basis. Floors will begin to look dull quickly because of the amount and type of traffic experienced. One reason is that people are dragging in debris, mud, and sand on their shoes. Another reason is that carts are rolling across the floors constantly. They will also have debris from outside on the wheels.

The Process

The first step is placing a product onto the floor to begin emulsifying the trapped grime and particles. A machine will then scrub the grout and tile to remove all the dirt. A powerful drying machine is then used to ensure the floor is completely dry before a protective sealant is applied. One afternoon is all that is needed for residential cleaning.

Cleaning commercial floors may take longer, depending on the size of the location and the preparation work required before actual cleaning can begin. Many companies will arrange scheduling around the business operating hours for minimal disruption. Business owners can contact us to get a free estimate and set up the best time for services to commence.