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How Can Solar Energy Benefit You And Your Home?

Why Should Homeowners Switch to Solar Energy?

Energy costs have risen drastically over the last several years. The average monthly energy bill in 2023 now costs over $150. Homeowners have been struggling to reduce their energy costs in a number of ways. Some money-saving measures include turning off switches and appliances after use. Other methods involve keeping thermostats at a minimum temperature. An energy audit for older homes in Phoenix, AZ can reveal how much is used and why.

But reducing daily use hasn’t done much to reduce energy costs. Demand for fossil fuels keeps climbing. But a new system is about to emerge. Solar energy is now making headway into homes. There are several reasons why more people are leaning toward solar power as a way to keep their home running efficiently. A solar installation expert in Phoenix, AZ can help homeowners make the transition from fossil fuels to solar.

Solar Energy is Clean

Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and won’t rely on carbon to power a home. Those who use it won’t need to worry about using it. Solar power can be used and reused several times because it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Plus, homeowners can earn a tax credit for making the switch to solar. Plus, it’s effective for all homes regardless of age. An energy audit for older homes in Phoenix, AZ can expose the difference in costs and prevent energy waste.

Solar Power Increases Property Value

Having solar panels installed will boost property values. New and potential homebuyers are willing to invest more in homes that have solar panels installed. In fact, most home resale values will increase by a factor of $15,000. Plus, there’s a tax incentive for property owners to switch to solar energy.

Solar Panels Are Sturdy and Low Maintenance

Because solar panels remain still, they don’t suffer from wear and tear. They are low maintenance and can last for up to 25 years. Plus, they’re sturdy enough to withstand any season, so it’s not impacted by snow or rain.

A solar installation expert in Phoenix, AZ is available to assist homeowners in making the switch to solar. Just call or visit For energy to learn more.