Industrial Lighting That’s Durable, Efficient, and Stylish: An Intro

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Businesses & Services

Commercial lighting must serve two main purposes. It must illuminate interior and exterior landscapes for safety and daily operations, and it must be economic. What about style? Who says the potential of commercial lighting must cease at merely functional and economic? Today’s business lighting is heavy duty, efficient, and handsome. Here’s a basic intro.

Let There Be Light for Health and Wealth

Intelligent and attractive lighting schemes make your business look incredible and potentially enhance employee productivity. Generous amounts of strategically placed lights contribute to overall health and wellbeing at home and in work environments. When choosing lighting for your business, think about location, purpose, savings, LEED standards and employee health.

Location, Purpose, Employee Health

Many times, the lighting choices to consider come down to location and the overall health and wellbeing of employees and customers. Smaller, tight spaces, storage rooms, break rooms and attics benefit from semi-flush and flush mounts or track lighting. These options cast generous, multidirectional light without taking up too much space.

Consider your purpose and standards. Do you need front-end lighting or back-of-house lighting? Both spaces deserve enough lumens, but the purpose and standards applied to each location differ, and you deserve lighting choices to fulfill both requirements. So do your employees and customers.

LEED Standards and Savings

LEED standards already apply to new and to existing buildings. These standards hold buildings to evolving criteria for comfort and lasting energy efficiency. Consequently, LEED standards, savings, and LED comprise a picture-perfect trio.

LED, or light-emitting diode, is fast becoming the universal default lighting choice, especially to meet LEED certification. LED produces light when electricity passing through a semi-conductor compels electrons to recombine with electron holes. The process emits more lumens per watt, extending bulb life, diminishing carbon emissions, and saving money.

LED is different from all other traditional man-made light sources in that each LED is a self-contained unit that can be mounted onto any substrate. You can have strip lighting, geometrical lighting, dimensional lighting and traditional bulb-shaped light sources in any color.

Explore the new world of commercial lighting today, and find just the right, sturdy, dynamic, gorgeous lighting choices for your factory, hotel, sandwich shop, or hospital.

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