Items to Check Before the Window Installation in Chula Vista, CA

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Home Improvement

Window installations are one of the trickiest projects to do correctly. If the process is done incorrectly, leakage around the windows will occur. This can lead to mold growth under the windows. There are several items to check before the day of installation to ensure that the windows fit snugly into their frames and that no leakage will occur.

Before the day of Window Installation in Chula Vista CA, take the time to check the order. Each window needs to be the proper size in order to fit into the space. This is especially important if the window measurements were done by the homeowner. Even windows that appear to be the same size can have different dimensions. Usually, the measurements are taken by the company to ensure that the proper fit is obtained.

Take the time to do a visual inspection of the window frames and surrounding wood. If leakage has been a problem in the past, it is necessary to investigate beneath and around the window to make sure the framing hasn’t experienced wood rot. This will require the removal of existing drywall and siding. If these supports are damaged, they may continue to warp and eventually cause leaking to occur. All damage needs to be repaired before the day of installation.

Any changes with the size or shape of the windows should be addressed prior to the Window Installation in Chula Vista CA. For example, creating a larger window will change the dimensions of the window needed. Ideally, these openings should be configured prior to the day of measurements so that the proper size of windows can be ordered. However, the order can still be put in as long as the construction of the window is carefully done to match the measurements of the order. This is an item to discuss with the installers.

These are some of the things that can be done to prepare for the day of installation. A visual inspection will identify potential problems that can lead to leakage even with a new window. Getting the measurements right is critical especially with planned changes. For more information on the installation process, check out .