How to Maximize Space During Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence, KS

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Home Improvement

Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS requires a good deal of advanced planning if homeowners want to ensure their new rooms are both functional and fashionable. Choices of fixtures such as bathtubs or showers, sinks, and vanities can have a dramatic impact on both the overall aesthetic design of the room and its practical usability. Read on to find a few tips regarding how to choose the best fixtures to make full use of all available space.

Choosing Tubs and Showers

The vast majority of bathroom remodels include the replacement of the room’s existing tub or shower. When deciding where to place the new one and what model to buy, it’s important to take both the room’s existing plumbing and its dimensions into account. There should be plenty of space to get in and out of the enclosure easily. So, if a large bathtub takes up too much of the room, it might be worth considering installing a shower enclosure with a bench instead.

Choosing a Toilet

Put simply; not all toilets are created equal. Some sit higher than others, while yet more have elongated bases. All toilets, however, should have at least 21 inches of free space in front of them and 15 inches to any nearby walls or other fixtures.

Sinks and Vanities

Choosing the right sink can be a challenge since there are many options available, but considering space concerns before aesthetic ones can be extremely helpful when narrowing these options down. If, for example, the room is exceptionally small, it would not be appropriate to install a double sink with large vanity. Pedestal sinks tend to take up the least amount of space, though they do not offer the same kind of storage solutions as single and double sinks. To know more, click here.

Adequate Storage

Don’t wait until the majority of the Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS has already been completed to start thinking about storage. Be sure to consider where to place towel bars, toilet paper holders, cabinets, and shelving in advance, and check out medicine cabinets, furniture, accessories, and more online at Kitchens and Baths by Briggs to get a feel for what’s available.