What You Need To Know About Bird Mite Treatment

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Pest Control

In Hawaii, homeowners will become exposed to bird mites when infected birds enter their property. These bird mites can be harmful to the homeowner, their family, and their pets. They can create serious painful and uncomfortable conditions as well. The following are details that homeowners need to know about bird mite treatment.

What Conditions Can Bird Mites Cause?

Bird mites will bite the homeowner, their pets, or their family. Once they break through the skin, they will begin building burrows under the skin and reproduce. As this occurs, the victim will develop a widespread rash due to the infestation and usually have an allergic reaction that can worsen the rash. The mites will continue to use muscle tissue and skin as a food source, which can become excessively painful.

Where are Bird Mites Found?

The bird mites will crawl onto cushions and other seating around the exterior of the property. They will infest the furnishings excessively. These mites will crawl onto their victim and create the harmful infestation. The exterminator will treat these areas. However, the homeowner will need to clean all cushions with a miticide and their preferred laundry detergent. These cushions must be washed in hot water and dried in high heat.

Safe Ways to Deter Birds From Entering Common Areas

The birds are attracted to food sources. Nectar, certain flowers, and any seeds the homeowner places outside. To deter them from traveling around the property, the homeowner must relocate birdfeeders and these flowers.

Preventative Strategies for Homeowners

The homeowner must prevent any food sources from accumulating around their property. The exterminator will need to treat areas that were affected regularly to prevent recurring infestations. The homeowner may choose to screen in their porches and prevent the birds from entering these areas as well.

In Hawaii, homeowners must take precautions to prevent possible bird mite infestations. These mites can present them with seriously harmful results. These conditions include infestations underneath the skin of the family or their pets. This condition will require a topical treatment to eliminate the infestation. Homeowners who need bird mite treatment contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for more info. You can also follow them on Twitter.