What People Need to Know About Window Replacement in Reno for Old, Deteriorating Frames

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Home Improvement

In a climate like that of northern Nevada, area residents deal with cold winters and long hot summers. Temperatures routinely drop into the 30s in January and consistently reach the 90s by June. Homes with old, deteriorated windows are ineffective at climate control in this type of environment. Window Replacement in Reno allows heating systems and central air conditioning to function more efficiently and helps homeowners save money on utility bills.

Vinyl windows are the most popular so far in the 21st Century, but many homeowners opt for wood because they appreciate the classic look of these frames. Aluminum windows are not as common a choice as they once were, but still an option for people who prefer the metal frames. Like vinyl, they require less maintenance than wood does. Products known as clad windows may be the answer for people who love wood frames and are willing to have them on the interior side only. Outside, the frames are covered in aluminum or vinyl for protection against the elements.

Once people decide on the style and material for the windows, they have more decisions to make before scheduling installation with a company such as Capital Glass Inc. They’ll need to consider whether they prefer panes that tilt inward for easy cleaning of the exterior glass, for example. Choosing between single-pane and double-pane windows is another decision homeowners face.

Do-it-yourself replacement is possible, but there are good reasons to choose professional Window Replacement in Reno. Especially when the current windows are old and the frames have deteriorated, or the area around the frames has developed some damage over the years, fitting new windows into the existing space can be difficult. The new window must be anchored, insulated and sealed properly, or effective climate control will be lacking. In addition, it can be obvious both inside and outside when windows have not been installed properly, which detracts from the appearance of the home. They can be harder to open and close as well. Considering that replacing windows is a significant expense, having the work done correctly is crucial for homeowners to get their money’s worth.