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How To Properly Care For Granite Countertops In Seattle, WA

One of the most popular trends in kitchen countertops is granite, as it not only provides natural beauty but is also one of the hardest surfaces to use in a kitchen. One of the best ways to keep granite countertops in Seattle, WA looking their best is to ensure they are properly cleaned and maintained. Using the wrong chemicals can cause damage to the surface, but the following tips will ensure they are beautiful and looking great for years to come.

Proper Cleaning

Granite is a natural stone material, so it is important not to use any chemicals that are harsh and could damage the surface of the stone. After removing any dry debris, apply a gentle cleanser to the surface and then buff it dry. If a homeowner wants to add additional shine, they can also choose to use a window cleaner without vinegar to provide a streak-free final clean.

Surface Refinishing

The surface of granite countertops in Seattle, WA is designed to last for years, but over time they will begin to show signs of distress. A countertop company can buff the surface of the stone and apply a sealant over the surface to give it a more luxurious appearance and remove any discoloration or damage that may be present. Most professionals recommend having countertops resurfaced a minimum of every eight years or more often if they are exposed to extreme use.

Care and Use

While heat will not damage the surface of the stone, placing hot pots and pans on granite without a trivet can lead to discoloration. In addition to avoiding placement of hot items on granite, it is also important to avoid cutting items directly on the stone surface, as it can leave cut marks that will make the counters more susceptible to stains and a buildup of bacteria.

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