Putting Together New Bathroom Showers in Omaha

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Home Improvement

When redesigning a bathroom, the shower is often one of the first things thought about during the process. It is not as simple as choosing a shower, though, as there are many aspects that need to get picked to make the full design come together. Bathroom Showers in Omaha get put together after careful consideration of all components.

Tub or Shower

The first step is deciding if the homeowner wants a full bathtub or a stand-up shower. The bathroom in question may not allow for a full tub depending on the amount of space, so this needs to be considered. A wall may need to be put up in a tub that can handle moisture, so homeowners should think about that as well as they make their decision.

Faucet Trims and Levers

The faucet trims, which include the plate behind the levers, need to get chosen as well. These essentially act as accessories in the shower, accentuating the look and helping homeowners tie it into other aspects of the bathroom. If there are silver shower bars and towel hooks, then a silver faucet trim and lever will be ideal. The shape and style need to be thought about as well, helping to tie it in with the theme of the room. A square option may look more contemporary, while a circular choice is more traditional.

Tub Spout

The faucet trim and lever to turn the water on is not the only part that needs to get picked. The tub spout, where the water comes out of, also needs to get chosen. Sleek and modern designs are available, along with traditional options that look more like the common showers so often seen. Some may have a curved design while others are elongated. Still, others can be short and stubby. Take a look at all options to see which one stands out the most for the overall desired look.

Bathroom Showers in Omaha take careful consideration before they can get selected. Kitchens and Baths by Briggs provides a wide range of tub and shower options that homeowners can choose from to make the bathroom of their dreams.