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Results Roofing Offers Storm Damage Repair in Plano, TX

Plano, TX is known for warm, sunny weather. However, the town does experience a significant amount of rain during the spring. When heavy storms come, you can find solace inside your house. However, your house takes on a significant amount of trauma. Excess rain, high winds, and hail can create serious damage to your home. Learn more about getting storm damage repair in Plano, TX.

How Storms can Damage Your Home

There are two main ways that a storm can cause damage to your home: water damage and hail damage.

If your home’s building materials are weak, water can seep through and damage them even more. Soon, the water damage can lead to mold and other problems. The problem can be even worse if you don’t have proper drainage for your roof and standing water stays on your roof for an extended period of time.

Hail can also create damage to your house. Hail is solid ice created during a storm that comes down with the rain. Large pieces of hail can dent or crack your roofing and siding.

What to Do After Hail Damage

After a particularly rough hail storm, you will want to get your home examined for damage. You may be able to see the damage yourself with a simple visual inspection. If you do see damage, the next step will be to get a professional opinion on the damage. Next, you’ll want to contact your insurance company to get information on what, if anything, will be covered.

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