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Signs You’re Hiring a Rogue Electrician

Bad hires can lead to a lot of stress and heartache. If you’re on the lookout for an electrician in Vancouver to fix your wiring problems, here are a few tips to help you spot rogue contractors.

Cheap rates

ElectricianIt may seem like a smart and cost-effective move to hire the services of an electrician that charges you the cheapest rates you can find. However, cheap rates often mean poor quality work and bad results, Protech Property Solutions says. Keep in mind that your electrical system needs to be handled with care and caution. If you aren’t hiring an expert, you could be dealing with a rogue contractor, one who has zero intentions of fixing your system. That’s one reason why you should steer clear of cheap rates.

Sparse details

If you’re having a hard time finding information about the company and its history, then that’s a big no-no. It could be an indication that the company is a dodgy one. If your research hasn’t turned up anything else, then it may be much better for you to look elsewhere for an electrician in Vancouver.

Advance payment

A lot of reputable electricians won’t ask for an advance since they should have enough funds to cover the initial costs. But if they do, they shouldn’t ask for a huge amount of money up front. If they do that, then that’s a red flashing sign, one you wouldn’t want to ignore.

Unmarked vans

Businesses take their marketing efforts seriously. That means they use everything—including their vans—to advertise their services. If the contractor arrives in an unmarked vehicle, then that doesn’t look good. It’s a strong warning sign that you may not be getting the complete picture. Cancel the job and look for a different electrician to fix your wiring problems.