The Benefits of Shingle Replacement in Orlando FL

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Roofing

Making minor roofing repairs when needed can help protect the home from the elements, maintain maximum energy efficiency, and prolong the life of the roof. Shingle Replacement in Orlando FL, for example, when a few shingles are cracked, or are missing, will prevent leaks, avoid the loosening of other shingles, and save money on major repairs. Left undetected, or not repaired in a timely manner, cracked or missing shingles will lead to leaks in the roof, cause other shingles to become cracked, or fall off the roof, and allow for further damage to the under layers of the roof. Regular inspections and routine maintenance can alert homeowners to the need for minor repairs.

That will save a lot of time and money in many different ways. First, minor repairs are less expensive than major ones. Secondly, it will avoid a spike in utility bills, and proper maintenance will save the cost of replacing the entire roof prematurely. A few shingles can be easily replaced. A larger section can still be replaced at lower costs, but will expose the roof to elements and damage the longer it is left. If Shingle Replacement in Orlando FL is not completed, the damage may be extensive, and require a new roof. In the event of storm damage, or an accident, an inspection is needed as soon as possible to assess damage, and have a report prepared for the insurance company. An experienced roofer will work with insurance companies to get repairs approved quickly. Detailed reports of the damage, clear and reasonable estimates for repairs, and warranties on parts and labor will expedite a claim. That will lead to the roof being repaired sooner, and will no hassles.

In order for shingle repairs to be durable, the shingles should be nailed in place. Many roofers use staples to secure shingles. The process is quicker, but does not last as long as nails do. That may lead to leaks and increase the likelihood of more frequent repairs. Top quality materials are also an important component to a successful repair. Cheap materials will not last in very humid weather, through strong wind and rain, or during hail storms. Ask contractors about their methods and materials before having any work done on the roof.