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Three Reasons Why Homeowners Need Immediate Chimney Repair In CT

As a whole, chimneys will last for several years, unless they were installed improperly or they become damaged. As a chimney ages, the mortar and bricks begin to deteriorate and this causes the chimney to be unsafe. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the information below to learn when it’s time to contact a professional for Chimney Repair in CT.

Broken Flue Liner

The flue liner that’s inside the chimney plays a very important role in the safety of the structure. When wood doesn’t completely burn in a fireplace or stove, it produces carbon monoxide. This is a toxic gas that can be fatal for individuals if it gets inside the home. A flue liner directs smoke and gases from the burning fire up through the chimney and outside. If the flue liner is cracked, it’s unable to function properly and the smoke and gases can back up into the house. Since the condition of the entire flue liner is difficult to see by homeowners, it’s important to have a yearly chimney inspection.

Fractured Mortar

Due to age, wear and the impact of the elements on a chimney, the mortar is very susceptible to fracturing and chipping. When chunks of the mortar are missing, this causes the bricks to become unstable. As this occurs, the bricks become loose and they can easily fall out of the chimney. In severe cases of mortar loss, the entire chimney can collapse.

Cracked Bricks

It’s not unusual for bricks to crack in a chimney, considering the wear and the exposure to the elements that a chimney endures. Homeowners may not think that a small crack in a brick can cause much harm, but it allows water to get inside of the chimney when it rains. Cracked bricks in a chimney must be addressed right away by a professional who specializes in Chimney Repair in CT. Once the bricks begin to crack, the damage will escalate.

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