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Tiny Home? Wire It Right!

Tiny homes, whether they are on a foundation or wheels, are an increasingly popular solution to the high costs of regular-sized housing in Vancouver and the demands of maintaining a larger home. They can be remarkably efficient, beautiful, and comfortable to live in and are more than tough enough to withstand some of Canada’s harsh winters. However, your home’s electrical system is not a DIY job – no matter how large or how small.
Tiny homes often have the same sized electrical loads as their full-sized siblings. When you are building your tiny home, consider carefully all of the electrical needs that your home must supply.

  • In the kitchen, you will need a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, and some carefully chosen food preparation appliances such as a mixer, blender, or food processor.
  • In the living area, you may want to have a television, game console or sound system.
  • Throughout the home, you will need lights, a water heater, heating, and cooling.
  • Don’t forget to factor in places to plug in laptops or other devices that need recharging.

While a wood stove can replace a heating plant, and propane can power a stovetop and oven, you will still need electricity to power many aspects of your tiny home environment. Consulting with residential electrical contractors should be an item at the top of your homebuilding agenda.

Get Local Power!

Working with experienced residential electrical contractors in Vancouver will help get your home started right with one of its most vital systems. Working together you can find innovative solutions to fully supply your electrical needs whether your home sits on a foundation or wanders about on its wheels. Your electrical contractor will help design a system that is efficient, well laid out, and easy to maintain four years of tiny living.