Tips for Choosing Sustainable High-End Leather Furniture

by | May 31, 2024 | Furniture

If you’re in the market for a luxury leather furniture piece, you may be wondering how you can seek out the best in high-end custom furniture with your commitment to the sustainable business practices that you and your clients value. Whether you’re looking for high quality leather sofa manufacturers or other custom leather furniture pieces, here’s a few things to consider when evaluating the environmental practices of any provider you choose.

A Transparent Commitment to Sustainability
Any business that has a commitment to reducing their ecological footprint should clearly and proudly state this value. A company’s transparent environmental initiatives and practices should be detailed with a statement on their website, allowing you or any potential clients to learn about how they prioritize sustainable practice. Many traditional techniques that High Quality Leather Sofa Manufacturers use are not always sustainable, so look for a design studio that is proud to tell you about their practices, sources and supplies.

Consider the Sourcing
In sourcing materials for leather furniture, a high-end manufacture should have a commitment to using only supplies that adhere to strict standards. One method of measurement in the industry is the Standard 100 of OEAKO-TEX, which guarantees consumer safety and environmental sustainability. When shopping for a furniture manufacturer, look for one that adheres to this rating and offers upcycled or recycled materials. Choose a designer that uses suppliers who repurposing animal hides from the meat industry. This signals a commitment to reducing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

What Is the Leather Tanning Process Like?
Leather tanneries used in high quality leather furniture manufacturing should comply with environmental regulations and consumer safety standards. Materials should be produced without the use of harmful solvents or volatile organic compounds. Best practices in sustainable leather tanning means using water-based dyes, pigments, and topcoats instead of petroleum-based products.

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