Top Signs Your Foundation Needs Home Damage Restoration in Panama City

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Foundation

When your home has suffered any kind of damage, there is always a chance that your foundation is now suffering from some degree of foundation failure. A reputable company that provides home damage restoration services will be able to help advise you of whether or not your foundation requires repairs. However, it is also important that homeowners be aware of the various signs that signify their foundation may need to be repaired.

The Foundation Is Cracked, Crumbling or Compromised

Before calling a company that specializes in home damage restoration in Panama City, a homeowner should perform a property inspection themselves. Start with the foundation first and look for any noticeable signs that the structure has been damaged. Some of the most common signs include:

• Slope or sagging walls.

• Gaps between the foundations.

• Flaking or crumbling concrete.

• Hairline fractures and cracks.

• Moisture (this includes mold, staining and pooling water).

There Has been Water Damage in the Home

One of the most common reasons why homeowners call home damage restoration companies is because their home has suffered some level of water damage. Water damage is something that requires immediate intervention as it can cause significant damage to your home overall. It is crucial that homeowners remain vigilant and regularly inspect the foundation of their property as it will most likely show signs of damage within six months to a year.

The Interior and Exterior Walls Are Buckling and Crumbling

Every property will eventually settle and the materials used to build your home or commercial property are designed to shift a bit to accommodate this. But excessive “settling” is often a sign of foundation failure. Inspect your home regularly for:

• Cracks, warps, fissures, and shifts in the interior and exterior walls.

• Crumbling walls or decay.

• Signs of water damage (stains, mold, and moisture).

The Floors Are Sagging, or the Ceiling Is Warped

A sure sign of structural damage is if the floors of your home appear to be sagging or if the ceiling looks as it if it is warped. You will also likely be able to see exposed gaps in and around the walls, particularly around the floor and the ceiling.

If you suspect that the floor is warped, the simplest solution is to grab a tennis ball and place it in random areas on every floor. If the tennis ball does not move, your foundation may be fine. If it does begin to roll in a particular direction, you can almost be certain that your foundation will need to be fixed. Save yourself any further damage and arrange for a reputable home damage restoration company like Ram Jack Solid Foundations in Southern Georgia to come and inspect your property today.

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